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flag on the street

flag on the street

Last Friday was European Scholar’s Night. The tents on the Avenida de Andalucía hosted a large number of stalls that, similar to street vendors, demonstrated the concept of their sciences. The various faculties and departments of the University of Huelva were represented. Undoubtedly a beautiful experience where researchers and investigators leave their offices and laboratories to take to the street, to shout at the exhibition some details of their daily work. The importance of researching and searching for the right formula for a particular problem is often overlooked. Something that makes us more fun as well as longer. And we have them there, at the end of that road (as well as on other campuses), working. We tend to make things that don’t show faces impersonal, which is why I find the experience of seeing kids, teens, and adults of all ages wandering around this open-air gallery beautiful. I admit that I’m a normal person, and I stayed with some friends to go. They told me to stop at seven in the evening and I answered that it would be better before that time because it would be full of people. It was so, and that packing is a delight. Some out of curiosity, others in passing, there were those who repeated. Whatever the reason, the goal was achieved. Motorcycle racing, solar powered vehicle, drones, cardiovascular practices, fishing activities, sports, … A festival of science and research for non-specialists despite their curiosity.

I read on Twitter how someone pointed out the lack of dedicated spaces for the humanities and social sciences, and it is true that their presence was not particularly plentiful but also responds to their core. Well, in most cases, they focus on the not very tangible, ductile or elastic aspects. Or they will simply give a few sparkly toys. But every time there is a greater effort to be there, it should be commended. Perhaps some of their children have stopped painting a picture of the epidemic that sociologists will analyze later. Or that they manipulated clay to make things in the manner of other times under the guidance of historians. Perhaps they saw the diversity of languages ​​coexisting in our street signs and wrote on the mural proposed by the Spanish language district. Or, as in my case, they came to take a picture with Zenobia herself (suggested by President Juan Ramon Jiménez). I did well! Anyway, no matter what branch they belong to, it will take 365 days for this sample to come back, and in the meantime, they will continue to investigate to improve our lives.

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