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In medicine in Santiago there are six vacancies where classes have already begun

In medicine in Santiago there are six vacancies where classes have already begun

Archive photo of University of Southern California College of Medicine Sandra Alonso

70 students were called last week, but there are still vacancies

September 28, 2022 . Updated at 05:00.

The massive invitation to students at the beginning of the course registration process was not enough to fill in the medicine at the beginning of the course. It’s the paradox of the communication system, that race with him Thousands of people on the waiting list can start the course with free seats in the classroom.

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Celso Rodriguez, Representative of the University of Santiago in CIUG – the Galician interuniversity entity that regulates and corrects selectivity – explains that last week it called 70 people from the waiting list thinking it was enough to fill places with vacancies: we sent those 70 students 48 hours ago an email asking if they were interested in enrolling, and they said yes, But finally, he asserts, more than 30 disappeared at the moment of truth. what happened? Just as we invite other universities from all over the countryPeople prefer to enroll in colleges close to home.

In July, CIUG contacted 750 of 4,158 medical candidates to fill 360 vacancies submitted by Santiago. Another recall note was 13054. There were a lot more places available, but USC had casualties: the vast majority (77%) of enrollees are from other independent communities and it is easy for them to leave if they are called into their lands.

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