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ULL Physical Activity Science degree begins after 15 years

ULL Physical Activity Science degree begins after 15 years

after, after Fifteen years of waitingyesterday Degree in physical activity and sports science started On the Faculty of Education subordinate University of La Laguna (ULL). The dean from this center Calm spleenHe told EL DÍA that It was necessary for this academic institution to be completed This type of teacher training. An example of the acceptance of the proposal is that for the sixty places offered, pre-registration of about four hundred students has been received.

This race It is intended for those teachers who will teach physical education in secondary school, baccalaureate or vocational training (FP).. Anyway, these graduates They can also apply their knowledge in sports training, as well as in management that can be developed in town halls, councils or any kind of private center. In addition, Plácido Bazo notes that there is another business opportunity called “sports entertainment”which animation is made hotel clientsFor example, with activities related to sports and physical activity.

The first application for this degree was made in 2007, and in the opinion of the Dean of the College of Education, “there was a real demand” for this type of training.


Classes will be taught in the facilities owned by the aforementioned department at Calle Doctor Zamenhoff and Heraclio Sánchez, (former School of Education), since there is a multi-sports pavilion there that students can use on a regular basis, according to the Dean of Education.

In any case, an agreement has also been signed with La Laguna City Council, which will allow students in this new class to use pavilions, courts and other types of places in different areas of the municipality when necessary.

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teacher and materials

As explained by Plácido Bazo, from day one, which was yesterday, the college has the faculty, classes, and materials needed to start classes.

“This has been a very strong commitment by the college and the University of La Laguna, whose dean, Rosa Aguilar Chiña, has decisively supported this initiative,” Bazo explains, adding, “I, as dean, worked my ass off” to be able to deliver this degree.

One of the obstacles that prevented the project from becoming a reality for nearly fifteen years was that at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) there was already a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science.

According to Plácido Bazo, it was a matter of adapting the Faculty of Education of La Laguna to the needs that arise from social reality, since the population is increasingly demanding sports and any kind of physical activity. Bazo stressed that the new degree would produce “professionals of great importance, because this is what the Canarian community needs”.

The study plan includes basic topics and then other specific topics, including anatomy, psychology of sports activity, human physiology, theory and practice of motor games, in addition to everything related to the pedagogy of physical activity and sports.

The new undergraduate course lasts four years, and takes place over two semesters per year. To obtain the degree, each student must obtain 240 training units.