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Deporte, salud y discapacidad: los consejos de Sara Revuelta para trabajar el bienestar

Sarah Revuelta’s well-being tips for #DOSIS2022

Sarah Revuelta Garcia, professional basketball player for CD ilunion and the Spanish women’s national team, speaks at DOSIS Village about her experiences as a professional athlete, sharing what she has learned and knowledge about health and well-being.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,” reflects Who is the. This is one of the main foundations of speech Sarah GarciaProfessional roller basketball player CD Ilonion And the Spain women’s national teamwhich determines # DOSE2022 Think about the best way to work on health and well-being.

During the presentation, Sarah explains that the factors that determine good well-being depend not only on the physical training regimen. “Not everything includes going to the gym and doing track training with my team, having a basketball in it, but there are many factors involved in that health in the sport.”says the athlete.

Following this line of her speech, the athlete emphasizes that in order to complete good sports health, it is necessary to Take some time to spend your free time. “During the break, I also want to mention leisure and free time, and fun, because we often forget that high-level athletes are still human beings, so we also need this fun, we need to be able to go out with our friends, to be able to be with our family “.

Sarah is part of the best generation of Spanish wheelchair basketball players who participate in the women’s team for the sport. Their great game dynamics led them to achieve Historic bronze in Europe was held in Madrid 2021.

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The situation at his club, CD Ilunion, where he plays all year, is a little different. Spain does not have enough women to make up the women’s basketball league. For this reason, the teams are mixed. This lack of actresses resulted in Sarah being the only woman on her cast.

Motivated by these circumstances, Sarah, with her coach Miguel CowboyThey decided to create Sarah Revuelta CampusWith the aim of encouraging more women to practice this sport. This initiative, in addition to attracting new players, is also focused on encouraging those who enjoy the sport to have a place where they can improve.

He concludes, “We make 3 different combinations, foot basketball, chair basketball, and basketball for children with intellectual disabilities, so that we prefer all these social relationships between them, whether they have disabilities or not.”