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Huancavelica |  Health sciences students at Huancavelica protest to demand their boarding school budget |  Release

Huancavelica | Health sciences students at Huancavelica protest to demand their boarding school budget | Release

A group of health sciences students from the National University of Huancavelica took to the streets of Huancavelica to protest, asking the government to speed up their training period.

Desi Rasumel Sureshaki, an 11th obstetrics course student, emphasized that she is demanding that the guidelines for starting her practice be clear, as there is still no solution from the Ministry of Health.

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“According to their circular letter, they are not providing a solution or answer regarding when the training will start. We are asking the Ministry of Health to approve the guidelines so that we can start our training,” the student said.

He added, “They told us that there is no budget, and that they are only focusing on the 2022 resolution which mentions only medicine and dentistry, but not other health sciences jobs.”

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In turn, nursing student Denis Ordonez confirmed that his college students also expect the above guidelines.

“The Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are more interested in fighting for power and there is no solution to our demands and problems, we want the Ministry of Economy to give us a budget for a fair and decent boarding school. As students we do not go to the neighboring places, we go to places two or three hours away from the place where We live in it, so we need at least a salary to make ends meet.

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For his part, Javier Correa Taino, director of Huancavelica Provincial Hospital, said that they are in talks on this issue with the Huancavelica Provincial Health Directorate, as it is a matter of budget and jurisdiction of the said institution.

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They are 90 students estimated from among all colleges affected by this decision.