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The Police Science Academy of Carabineros is accredited by CNA

The Police Science Academy of Carabineros is accredited by CNA

At its meeting on May 4 last, it was National Accreditation Commission (CNA) I decided to rely on the advanced level Academy of Police Sciences (Acipol) from the police from chile for 4 years.

At the said session, the director of Acipol said, Colonel Carlos Cordovahad the opportunity to expose, before the Commissioners of the Cyprus News Agency, The most relevant campus backgroundAnd highlighting its characteristics, its main strengths and the challenges that it must address in its development in the short and medium term.

“We are clear about the quality of our academy, its commitment to its employees, we know how strong the institution it has settled in, how firmly the foundations are in place, and now, National Accreditation Committee It realizes this by accreditation in two main areas of institutional management and university education,” said the colonel.

Definitions such as quality, independence and compliance of corporate projects, self-regulatory mechanisms and continuous improvement These are concepts that were present in this academy During the accreditation process, which began with diagnosis and self-assessment in 2019, it has now reached this public recognition of its quality.

The community that comprises the Academy of Police Sciences celebrated this achievement, Proud to be recognized by its peers as a high-quality education institutionwhich, through its graduates, contribute to the growth and development of our country, particularly in order and public safety.

Finally, Acipol thanked all those who were directly and indirectly involved in this process; Students, teachers, alumni, administrators and collaborators on campus, who, despite the difficulties they have faced during the past three years, have been able to carry out and satisfactorily complete the self-assessment process.

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