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Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences will hold a lecture entitled "Experts Respond to Celiac Disease" - Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences will hold a lecture entitled “Experts Respond to Celiac Disease” – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

On Thursday 5 May at 4:00 pm, the UN College of Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences with Mercado del Patio will hold a lecture entitled “From the University to the Community: Experts Respond to Celiac Disease”.

The panel discussion will be led by Dr. Fabian Bellosa, Research Professor and Director of the Celiac Disease Mixed Laboratory of the UN College of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Agustina Rodel, Professor at the UN College of Medical Sciences and member of the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Hospital del Centenario de Rosario; and Georgelina Moneta, a psychologist who specializes in training in anxiety disorders, celiac disease, and eating behavior disorders. The activity is suitable for all audiences.

Previously, starting at 2:00 PM, students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences will carry out health promotion activities (surveys and delivery of recipe books), there will also be tastings and promotion of TACC-free products in commercial premises and the state unorganized ACELA (Aid Ciliac Argentina) will have a stand informative of its activities.

World celiac disease day

These activities are part of World Celiac Disease Day, which was launched on May 5 in order to raise awareness in the community about gluten intolerance, a protein found in some grains (wheat, oats, barley, rye: CAGR).

Celiac disease is prevalent among the population of our country because, according to estimates by the country’s Ministry of Health, it is estimated that one in every hundred people suffers from it. The characteristics of the disease determine the quality of life of sufferers and their families. Once diagnosed, treatment consists only of a strict diet of gluten-free (ALG) foods, which must be maintained for life.

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