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39 students compete in the final stage of the Fifth Aerospace Olympiad in Panama

39 students compete in the final stage of the Fifth Aerospace Olympiad in Panama

The National Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (Senacyt) and the Knowledge City Foundation inaugurated the National Final of the Fifth Olympiad in Space Science in Panama (OliPaCe), which aims to promote educational projects that engage high school students in developing scientific skills in the fields of mathematics, physics, astronomy, astronautics and related sciences. Relevancy, in addition to promoting curiosity, is a fundamental position in science.

Through this educational initiative, it seeks to enhance the learning and teaching of astronomy and space engineering in public and private schools in the country.

167 students participated in this fifth Olympiad, 50% of whom were students and 50% were female. A total of 39 students from Panama, West Panama, Cocle, Herrera, Chiriqui and Veraguas will compete in the final stage of the challenges, which will culminate next Saturday, May 7.

At this point, students will have to pass exams covering scientific knowledge, astronomical observations, robotics challenges, individual and group tests, and assembling and launching rockets by water and air. 10 students will be selected to represent the country at the Latin American Olympiad in Astronomy and Astronomy (OLAA) to be held in October 2022 in Panama.

For Dr. Eduardo Ortega Parrilla, Senset’s National Secretary, the achievement of the Space Science Olympiad in Panama is of great importance to the country’s educational sector.

“This Olympiad encourages interest in science and fosters curiosity, which is a key position for any scientist, and also gives students the opportunity to participate, coexist and compete through cooperation. Through this Olympiad, we seek to encourage students to deepen and apply the concepts they have learned in the classroom.

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The fifth edition of OliPaCe is organized by Senacyt and the City of Knowledge Foundation (FCDS), with support from the Astronomical Observatory of Panama (OAP) of the Technological University of Panama (UTP), the Higher Technical Institute of the Oriental (ITSE), the University of Panama, Lozury Tec and science hobbyist groups Astronomer Sirius Saac and Piloto Astronomo.

During the opening, Ms. Izbeth Quevedo, Director of the Explora Center for Science and the Arts, announced the pre-selected images for the astrophotography competition organized by Explora jointly with the National Directorate of Space Science at UTP and Senacyt. The final selection will be announced on Saturday, May 7th during the OliPaCe Awards.

The Astronomy Photography Contest consists of three educational categories: undergraduate, secondary, and general basic.