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How to lose weight: healthy diets and tips to avoid the rebound effect

All over the world, there are always people looking to lose weight, but rather than adopt approach to long-term To achieve this goal, many choose any magical method that allows them to do so to lose weight quickly.

Unfortunately, cliched diets that promise massive weight loss thus They are not in good health It can do more harm than good. best chance for long success term that it Develop healthy behaviors Built on a double base diet Nutrition and adequate physical activity.

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“One of the keys to successful weight loss is taking a healthy dose of reality” Dr. Rodolfo G Oviedo, Bariatric Surgeon and Director of General Robotic Surgery at the hospital explained Houston Methodist Hospital.

“It is recommended to create Weight loss goal Totally realistic take into account gender and age Bone size and other factors“.

You can start by calculating your BMIbut keep in mind that this calculation may not be accurate for everyone, so it’s better Talk to your doctor to find a target weight that’s right for you and is healthy. Once Once you’ve calculated your target weight, break your total weight loss goal into smaller goals. youngsters.

How much weight is recommended to lose in a week?

Most experts They recommend losing no more than 500g per kilogram of weight week. This may sound time consuming and boring, but remember: you didn’t gain weight overnight, And losing it successfully and healthily doesn’t have to happen overnight either, Especially if you want to maintain weight permanently.

To burn a pound of fat, you must generate a deficit of approx 3500 calories. You can achieve this by decreasing the number of calories you eat, and increasing the amount Calories you burn through physical activity or both.

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Consider the possibility Keep track of your eating habits and calorie intake at least for a couple weeks. This can help you get an idea of ​​proper portion control, and avoid overeating emotionally and make you think twice before eating high-calorie and low-calorie foods in nutrients. You’ll quickly discover which foods keep you full for longer. weather.

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“Physical activity can burn calories, reduce appetite, and give you an emotional boost Very important when you are trying to avoid slipping into old habits. best kind Physical activity for successful weight loss is one that you enjoy and that will keep youDr. Oviedo explained.

Inviting your friends to exercise can make this a fun social activity.

Avoid the hidden enemies

Stress and dehydration can mask your hunger, so make sure you get enough sleep. Enough and drink plenty of water as you work on healthier living practices.

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