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CCYTEM announces the realization of the science fair "Museo Fest 2022" - La Crónica de Morelos |  News

CCYTEM announces the realization of the science fair “Museo Fest 2022” – La Crónica de Morelos | News

• The math room will be opened to live a unique and fun experience

At a press conference held at the Morelos Science Museum inside the San Miguel Acapantingo Ecological Park, the Ministry of Economic Development and Labor (SDEyT), through its President Ana Cecilia Rodriguez González, presented the preparation for the science fair “Museum Fest 2022”.

Foregoing, in celebration of the thirteenth anniversary of the opening to the public of the Science Museum of the State Council of Science and Technology of Morelos (CCyTEM), the Morelos Center for Scientific Communication (CeMoCC).

The celebration will take place on Friday, April 29 of this year, from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm, in which more than 32 research centers, seven universities in the entity and five independent publishers will participate; In addition, there will be exhibitions and workshops with a scientific and technological base targeting children and young people attending schools.

In this regard, Cecilia Rodriguez stated “We continue to work in accordance with the state development plan, in Axis 5″Modernity for the people of Morelos”, and in this sense I am happy to say that we are on the right track in pursuit of the consolidation of a knowledge society that responds to the needs and challenges of the environment in the state. “

In the same context, he realized that the Museum has positioned itself as an entertainment and educational space for residents of all ages, promoting scientific culture, so that in this event they can enjoy a multidisciplinary experience with the family.

During the aforementioned exhibition, the CCyTEM authorities will officially open the mathematics room called “Infinite”, where visitors will be able to consolidate and apply their knowledge in a fun way on the topics: natural numbers, nodes, reflections and equations.

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In addition, they will be able to see augmented reality classes, this tool where the virtual image is combined with the real one and visitors discover some strange facts about the museum’s content in a more interactive way; Knowing the importance of water, types of energy and aspects of the universe.

Finally, the state official indicated that this event will include the health protocols established by the authorities, reminding the attendees of the mandatory use of a face mask, stressing also that all activities carried out on this day will be completely free of charge.

The meeting was attended by Andrea Angelica Pauline Ramirez, in charge of the CCyTEM office. and Adrian Margarito Medina Canizal, Director of CeMoCC.

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