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Simple (and Powerful) Abdominal Workout You Can Do At Home

Simple (and Powerful) Abdominal Workout You Can Do At Home

If you are tired of always doing the same exercises to strengthen your stomach or simply see that the exercises that do not help you achieve the goals you want, you can not miss the new CORE Workout from our personal trainer Víctor Téllez (Tweet embed). This is HALO, an exercise you can do at home which is very complete because it strengthens the abdomen and arms but also improves the mobility of the shoulders and back.. You will only need a bottle or jug ​​of water or oil. The weight depends on the fitness of the person exercising.

The exercise begins in a kneeling position and It consists in bringing the bottle towards the ear with the aim of passing it behind the head and lowering it to the other side. It is simple but at the same time very powerful. The trick is to strengthen your core throughout the movement to keep your lower back from arching. The movement will require the maximum level of strength and movement of the shoulder, back and arms.

It is important at all times to pay attention to breathing, which helps to improve movements and make them more flexible. In the video, Téllez demonstrates how this should be done.

If you missed any tricks, tips, exercises or training, click this Link. And if you have doubts, you can contact him through his social networks.

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