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Holguín will host the first Symposium on Social Sciences and the Arts

Holguín will host the first Symposium on Social Sciences and the Arts

On July 13 and 14, the city of Holguín will host the first symposium of social sciences and arts “ConcienciArte”, organized by the publishing company Conciencia Ediciones de la Holguín University and the Regional Center for the Improvement of Culture.

Rosa Estevez Villavruela, director of the aforementioned center, explained that ConcienciArte stems from a request by the Cultural Confederation, its institutions and companies, to create a space for socialization between academics, students, creators and art directors working to ensure the development of a sustainable culture. From the study and use of science.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee also noted that the main drivers of the event, this year, are the 170th birthday of the most cosmopolitan Cuban, José Martí, and the life and work of the eminent professor and researcher from Holguín, Rigoberto Segrio Ricardo.

He detailed as main themes: community action, artistic and literary promotion, professional improvement and management of cultural and heritage processes, which included nearly 40 presentations that included the participation, face-to-face and virtually, of researchers from the Universities of Havana, Las Villas, Las Tunas and Oriente, as well as a Chinese university and extensive input from local scholars.

The connection with the Holguin Academy is strong, with the formation of the Center for the Improvement of Culture as a teaching unit in the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Holguín, ensuring that the research that results in publications at the end of the seminar is of high scientific accuracy.

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