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University of Cordoba Court Notes 2023

University of Cordoba Court Notes 2023

Medicine (13,32); nursing (12, 72) and Veterinarian Dr (12.48) once again leads the ranking of the most difficult university degrees in Cordoba University For the academic year 2023-2024. This Thursday, the online portal of the Andalusian Individual Region published the cut-off marks for Andalusian public universities. In this list, it can be seen that science majors are more demanding with new students and some significant decreases in required scores can also be noted compared to last year.

Thus medicine dropped from 13.45 to 13.32 for a cycle in The number of new admissions places has increased by 10, to 140. In nursing, the observation decreased from 12.82 to 12.72, and in veterinary medicine it decreased from 12.67 to 12.48. degree of natural therapy Studying at the Faculty of Medicine and Nursing, which is the fourth with the highest score, and requires 12.38. in Biochemistry they ask for 12.34; in Biotechnologyand 12.31 f physical, 12.29. Psychology is another profession that is in high demand and this year a minimum score of 11.58 is necessary to be able to start it.

In terms of scores traditionally known by letters, in this case the Bilingual Itinerary for Primary Education and English Studies stands out, with a cut-off mark of 11.13; History and History of Art, No. 11.71; Translation and Interpretation of French and Latin Philology (11.95); Translation and Interpretation of English and Spanish Philology (11.61), and Translation and Interpretation of English and Spanish Studies (11.39).

Some of the professions asking for the lowest scores are tourism, history, art history, civil engineering, cultural management, labor relations, and Spanish philology, all with 5.

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University of Cordoba cut off degrees 2023.

Some races They increased their feedback Significantly reduced compared to last year and among these appear Civil Engineering, Business Administration and Management (from 6.68 to 7.56); Forest engineering (from 5 to 5.92); Translation of French and Spanish philology (from 10.27 to 11.95) and English Translation and Philosophy of the Spanish Language (from 11.13 to 11.61).

On the other hand, they scored Major dips management and organization of companies and law (from 10.29 to 9.24); Cinema and Culture (from 8.43 to 7.10); Bilingual track for primary education (from 10.12 to 9.34); English Studies (from 7.83 to 6.12); Oenology (from 10.58 to 9.26), tourist and English translation (from 9.41 to 8).

In addition to medicine, UCO has increased the number of places for agro-food engineering and rural areas (from 77 to 80); Forestry Engineering (from 45 to 50); Oenology (7-12) and naturopathy, 80-88, and offered a Certificate in Tourism with a bilingual itinerary, with 30 places.

Some races have already covered the quota

Vice-Chancellor for Students and Culture, Israel Munoz, remember that “last year five places were awarded, so class marks may be different at the end.” When asked about the results of the first stage, he commented on this “Jobs in the health field are once again in high demand in Córdoba, including veterinary medicine. Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Civil Engineering, Business Administration and Management, All of this quota is already coveredand some are more like computer engineering,” he points out.

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After health, the degrees most in demand by students are engineering and some sciences such as physics, biology and chemistry, as well as some humanities such as those related to translation. In the last place there is a group of occupations “which are still lame, some of which may remain in vacant places, for example, cultural management and English studies,” he points out.

Students can access degrees by taking selective exams or after studying a higher course. Regarding the dates of the award, Yisrael Muñoz predicts, “In practice, until the end of this month, we will not have the students in their places.”

Vice President of the University for Student Affairs “Positive evaluation” of the results He states, “We always like to give those slightly weaker grades a boost, however The demand for students who want to come to study at UCO is stable“, Confirms.