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Hobbit Bermudez added his third league title with Atlante Mediotempo

Hobbit Bermudez added his third league title with Atlante Mediotempo

Miguel Aleman Valdes Stadium; Celaya, Guanajuato /

Christian “The Hobbit” Bermudez Already A special site in atlantic historythe club he’s already adding to Three titlesafter obtaining a file Opening 2007 From section One The scepters of Opening 2021 and 2022 On the Expansion League.

Feeling that these accomplishments are blessed, veteran player left in hand Hobby Say if it’s already Club history or notbut in the meantime he enjoys collaborating on a file new crowneven with the inclusion of the target.

“very pleased to follow Represent in a good way these colors. Today, deservedly, The hard work of the whole tournament pays offBecause we work so hard, with character and we’re so amazing Happy for this tournament‘, he told half time.

“once again I have to score a goal in the finalPutting on the experience I have, then We have to celebrateBermudez commented.

“Should Ask people if you are a historical person or notLet her say it,” the midfielder concluded, Fully configured with Barcelona seal.

To celebrate with their families

It is worth noting that foals travel immediately to Mexico City To celebrate with their families get the crownsince l Celaya It was just a handful of directors and followers present.

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