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Ex-Captain of Selecta investigated for sexual assault

Ex-Captain of Selecta investigated for sexual assault

Norberto “Pajaro” Huezo, World Cup player and Spain 82nd captain, is investigated by the National Civil Police and we tell in Cancha about part of his professional career

Norbert “Bird” Huezo He is closely followed by the authorities of the National Civil Police, who reported the arrest of the soccer player and former coach on Saturday afternoon.

It was Jose Norberto “Pajaro” Oizo Montoya Footballer Prominent with a career on several professional teams, and of course in the national team. An obstacle or association between a midfielder that no longer exists in modern football.

His career as the King of Sports began on the University of El Salvador team in the early 1970s with such personalities as Carlos “Cali” Canadas, “Will” Piñat, “Quino” Valencia, “Indio” Vázquez, Elmer Acevedo, Argentines Victor Donato and Walter Tombini among others.

Later he went to ANTEL where he participated with a young man “Mágico” González; There Pajaro stayed for two seasons before playing in Monterrey, Mexico.

With “Riados” he collaborated with Mexicans Javier Regalado, Luis Montoya and Francisco Javier Solis. Huezo was part of the squad of aliens of the stature of Argentine Trinidad Cavalero, Chilean Nelson Sanhosa or Uruguayan Ruben Corbo.

Later, Huezo returned to El Salvador to shine on a longer stage with Marte, the team with which he was the main league champion in the 80/81 campaign after winning a home-and-away against Santiagueño.

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After becoming the captain of the Selecta team at the FIFA World Cup Spain 82, the Salvadoran signed for Valencia and later played for Cartagena, a team to which Enrico Doñas currently belongs.

“Pajaro” Hizo also played for Herediano in Costa Rica, where he was the first division champion in the 87/88 season. On the set of Florense, he coincided with such characters as Claudio Jara, Floyd Guthrie, Germán Chavarría, Marvin Obando and Mario Orta from Uruguay.

At the end of the eighties, Cuscatleco played with Jalapa and Escuintla in professional football in Guatemala.

For the 91/92 season, Huezo performed his “last dance” in Salvadoran football and does not play abroad anymore. He played for Cojutepeque and retired after two seasons at FAS.

Pajaro ended his career alongside such personalities as “Vito” Menendez, William Osorio, Gabriel Perrone (Argentinean), Jorge “Zapatero” Obrego, Hugo Franco (Paraguay), Jaime Cubias, “Memoir” Rivera, Erber Burgos, and Jorge “Rodríguez” Zarco, “Mágico” González, Ricardo Troche (Paraguay), and Edemilson (Brazilian), among others.

As a coach, he managed the national under-20 team from 2006 to 2011. He was responsible for the trial of players such as Herbert Sosa, Jaime Alas, Andres Flores, Fabricio Alvaro, Oscar Arroyo, among others, in professional football.

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Currently, Norberto “Pajaro” Hizo is dedicated to being a commentator for the football program on Open TV.

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