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Peru Bermúdez responds to David Fittelson: 'You are stupid'

Peru Bermúdez responds to David Fittelson: ‘You are stupid’

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After the strong comments made by David Fattelson in conversation with Franco Escamilla against Enrique Bermúdezwas not silent and actually responded to an ESPN commentator.

And the dog replied, “And you, Faitelson, what’s your goal? Just to make a cheap argument, why don’t they put you on ESPN for a novel or game analysis? Because you don’t know, you’re stupid!”

Look at the dog’s response

What did Fettleson say?

In a segment of “Tirando Bola” with Franco Escamilla while they were playing pool, an ESPN analyst started talking about Bermuda dogWho said he’s good at narration but apart from that he doesn’t know anything else.

“El Perro is good at doing ‘uf, uf, recontra uf’, and adding flavor to his transmission, but other than that, with all due respect, he’s not good at all.

“I quarreled with him, but he is a very good narrator, a very good historical narrator, but do not ask him the press, because he is not a journalist, this period. And do not ask his opinion because he does not know how to express his opinion. Shall I lie? Please ”, were the words of Fittelson.

Also hit Morelia

Although it Morelia The TV station team he worked on previously, David Fattelson Noisy with the box purpkato ensure that no one cares.

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“They sent me this report on Morelia a lot, and I said I was up to Morelia’s mother, with all due respect, but it was the channel team so the team wanted reports on Morelia. Hell they care about the Morelia guy, they don’t even care about Morelia,” Fittelson said.