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Henry Martin to Jose Juan Macías?  What is known about the exchange between America and Chivas

Henry Martin to Jose Juan Macías? What is known about the exchange between America and Chivas

In social networks, a possible exchange between America and Chivas for Jose Juan Macías and Henri Martin appeared, but this will not happen.

Henry Martin's future is far from America.
© picture 7Henry Martin’s future is far from America.

Defeat to Pachuca in the 2022 Clausura semi-finals MX . League Tagged before and after for many heroes America. The importance of the scoreboard and the discomfort of ending another season without titles and not having a starring role in a new final reverberated on the domestic scene in Coapa.

As for the campus, it is assumed that there may be movements with some items considered to have completed the course. in that group, There are elements of Las guilas with offensive characteristics that may not have been present in Opening 2022 Because of his lack of effectiveness in the face of the opposing goal.

Along these lines and according to information from reporters Raúl El Polo Ortiz and Fernando Cevallos, Chivas from Guadalajara Looking forward to getting services Henry Martin, What appears to be a new chapter between Mexico’s two most popular institutions. In turn, a possible exchange with Jose Juan Macías

Henry Martin will not play for Chivas

however, It is worth clarifying that this information (Encouraged by the recent meeting between former Getafe and Las Milonetas owner, Emilio Azcárraga) It’s false. La Bomba will not reach El Rebaño, let alone an operation in which Macías was involved.

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