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BetPlay Millionaires League analysis match against Atlético Nacional |  Colombian football |  Betplay League

BetPlay Millionaires League analysis match against Atlético Nacional | Colombian football | Betplay League

Colombian football, one of those matches that will remain in the memory, where the two teams showed their offensive proposals, with their style, to achieve victory. There will be no complaints from the spectators of Atanasio Girardot, the viewers and fans of Millonarios; They watched a great match side by side.

Alberto Gameiro and Hernan Dario Herrera said it in their press conferences: Intense football at its best. Visitors, faithful to their style, were able to impose conditions, showing themselves to be the most solid.

Uniform style and game model: Millionaires in this field, looking to play the same way. Enforcing your style of play at home or on the road is a must. It is no coincidence that they are the best away team in the entire league. Intensity and attack to seek out the opposing bow as well as subdue the opponent.

This was not the exception at Atanasio. Despite the fact that Nacional arrived and hit the competition area, there is a difference between the two, in operation and standardization of automation. Those of Gamero take advantage of this and position the game as a group, not as individuals, where purslane outperforms them. Starting with the combined mass, they showed the irregularity of the pieza.

The midfield, vital to the dominance of the millionaires in attack and back: The double five (Pereira, Vasquez) became more coherent. Understanding the ability to start the game is straightforward. In addition, the Blues took advantage of the passivity in the second zone of the Nacional, where Larry always took the ball out to the ground, without much pressure from Garlan or Duque, who did not appear often.

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The heat map of the two reflects their importance, as they are back and forth players. Contribute at the start of the match and in the attack, to form a defensive wall later, which is rarely breached in Millonarios.

In addition, Vazquez and Pereira combined perfectly in the attack. Together with Silva and Ruiz they dominate possession, open up the pitch and create space. The bogotans point to the differential point, break the opponent’s schema, and force the opponent to leave their area so that they can be distinguished. The skill tempts the opponent to make a mistake, as Ruiz finds a way to dodge the opponents.

Focus on the crucial moments: Nacional’s attack forced Melonarius to turn back, and the marks of the first goal were not adjusted, due to the Yarlan unit to enter. In addition, the start of the match, with two goals not allowed, was not good for the ambassadors.