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Hector Vargas kicks off Real España by beating Olimpia in vibrant classics at La Ceiba

Hector Vargas kicks off Real España by beating Olimpia in vibrant classics at La Ceiba


Minute by minute from OLIMPIA VS. Royal Spain

game over: Real Spain beat Olympia 3-1 in a vibrant classic match held in La Ceiba. Hector Vargas makes his royal debut.

Change in Real Spain: Heyreel Saravia enters Mayron Flores in the 90 + 5 minute.

Yellow for Luis “Bubba” Lopez at the age of 90..

90′ The referee indicates 6 minutes of substitution in La Ceiba.

89′ Justin Arboleda enters the area out of courage and ends up on the ground after Boba Lopez disarms him.

Exchange in Real Spain: Ezequiel Denis enters Juhao Benavidez in the 85th minute.

82 ‘ Jason Mejia from the right hit a ball that the white defense could not deflect, and left Roca, who only hit it in front of the right goal.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL FROM THE REAL SPAIN! In the 82nd minute, Ramiro Roca scored 3-1 against Olympia in La Ceiba.

80 ‘ Jason Mejia takes a free kick near the right area.

77 ‘ Kevin Alvarez finishes it all in a right game and walks off the field to get attention.

Changes in Olympia: Usman Figueroa, Jamir Maldonado and Jared Velasquez entered a place for Javier Portillo, Jose Mario Pinto and Carlos Pineda in the 74th minute.

72 ‘ Carlos Pineda concedes a corner kick for Real Spain.

near! A filtered ball from Benavids to Roca, who entered the area and hit a ball that was rejected by Edric Menjivar. Olympia was saved at the age of seventy.

68 ‘ Bunic Garcia commits an offensive error against Getsil Montes. The aurinegra defense initially ends up losing the ball and ends up with the shot being rejected by the defense.

Change in Olympia: Boniek García enters for Bryan Moya in the 66th minute.

near! Michael Chirinos shot Luis “Bubba” Lopez. Olympias tried to surprise the Kings in 65.

yellow Brian Moya of Olympia also has claims.

yellow Franklin Flores and Hector Vargas of Real Spain due to complaints from the referee.

Change in Olympia: Mikael Chirinos enters Diego Reyes in the 62nd minute.

59′ Myron Flores is currently receiving medical attention and is already on a stretcher.

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yellow In favor of Pablo Lavalin in respect of the claims.

Changes in Real SpainOmar Rosas and Wesson Mejia to Carlos Bernardez and Junior Lacayo in the 55th minute.

54 ‘ At Real Spain, Omar Rosas and Jason Mejia prepare to enter.

near! Shot by Jose Mario Pinto from the left which passes near the goal. Real Spain saved at 50.

49 ‘ Olympia touches the ball in search of the pressure of the oringra.

Start Part Two! Olimpia 1-2 Real España in a classic game played at Ceibeño Stadium.

End of part one: Real Spain beat Olympia 2-1 in La Ceiba. Targets Franklin Flores and Ramiro Roca for the Royal Family, and opponent Brian Moya for the Whites.

four five’ The referee indicates 3 minutes of substitution in La Ceiba.

40′ Joe Benavidez’s pass from the right to the second post where Roca headed with a header and hit the net.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL FROM THE REAL SPAIN! In the 40th minute, Ramiro Roca made the score 2-1 against Olympia.

37 ‘ Shot by Kevin Alvarez went out. Real Spain missed a dangerous option.

yellow Kevin Alvarez of Real Spain in the 34th minute.

32 ‘ Edwin Rodriguez clears a ball to Moya, who turns with his back to the area, leaving defender Getsel Montes without a chance, and when he falls, he scores to send it into the net.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL from OLIMPIA! In the 32nd minute, Brian Moya tied 1-1 with Olympia.

30′ Kevin Alvarez has gone to Earth and is already receiving care from the royal medical staff.

the outside! A filter ball for Diego Reyes, who shoots from the right side, a cross passes near the arc of Oringo. Real Spain saved at 28.

near! Enter from the right flank controlled by Carlos Bernárdez in the area, but his shot is topped by the white defense. Olympia was saved at the age of 27.

near! Moya received in the area and fired an uncomfortable shot that went to the side of the goal defended by “Boba” Lopez. Real Spain saved at 25.

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22 ‘ Ridding of Luis “Bubba” Lopez up to the feet of Edric Menjivar. Both teams reduced revolutions in the last minutes.

near! Joe Benavidez hits the line that passes close to the goal defended by Edrick. Olympia is saved in the 19th minute.

17′ Kevin Alvari’s cross from the right flank Roca tried to tie it, but the defense intercepted it and eliminated the danger.

13′ Jose Mario Pinto ended up contaminating Myron Flores. Play a lot of friction in this boot.

Eleven’ Jhow Benavídez’s free kick passed the Olimpia defense and saw a white counter-attack.

9′ Edrick Menjívar recovers and the match resumes at La Ceiba.

yellow! For Carlos Bernárdez of Real España for his influence on Menjívar’s face.

7′ The filtered ball of Carlos Bernardez and that in his eagerness to try to finish, ended up swaying Edric Menjivar’s face.

4′ Olympia gets a corner kick from the right and Edwin Rodriguez is ready to take a shot.

1 ‘ In a series of touches, the Kings attempted to break through the area, but had to retreat to Flores who got over the edge and without thinking twice took a rifle to the bottom.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL from the real Spain! In the 1st minute, Franklin Flores scored 1-0 against Olympia.

Start the classic! Olympia vs. Real Madrid at the Ciebino stadium.

4:55 pm The Olimpia and Real España teams enter the grounds of the Ceibeño Stadium. The classic is about to begin.

4:53 pm Ultra Faithful of Olympia is already in the stands and starts cheering for their team. A great atmosphere is inhaled at La Ceiba.

4:48 pm This fan seized the opportunity to place a huge kiss on his partner in the stands of Ceibeño Stadium.

4:40 pm The Olympia and Real España players finish the warm-up and return to the locker rooms.

4:30 pm Edgar Witty gives us details of what’s happening right now at Ceibeño Stadium.

Olympia 11: Edric Menjivar, Mallor Nunez, Jose Garcia, Jonathan Paz, Javier Portillo, Carlos Pineda, Edwin Rodriguez, Jose Mario Pinto, Brian Moya, Diego Reyes and Justin Arboleda. DT Pablo Lavalin.

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Alternatives: Alex Güity, Brayan Beckeles, Johnny Leveron, Félix Crisanto, Jamir Maldonado, Boniek García, Cristian Altamirano, Pedro González, Jonathan Núñez, Michael Chirinos, Josman Figueroa, Jared Velásquez and Hebert Núñez.

11 Spanish Real: Luis Lopez, Getsil Montes, Myron Flores, Franklin Flores, Devron Garcia, Kevin Alvarez, Gerson Chavez, Joe Benavides, Junior Lacayo, Carlos Bernardez and Ramiro Roca. DT Hector Vargas.

Black alternatives: Jose Alejandro Reyes, Omar Rosas, Wesson Mejia, Ezequiel Denis, Carlos Mejia, Michael Garcia, Herel Saravia, Infronet Tatum, Miguel Carrasco and Aaron Zuniga.

4:17 pm Many fans from San Pedro Sula traveled to La Ceiba to support Real Spain.

4:12 pm The players from Olympia and Real España are already in the dressing rooms, and they will be out on the field soon to start the warm-up.

4:05 pm Olympia fans continue to enter the Siebino stadium.

4:00 pm. Boniek García is the novelty in Pablo Lavalin’s call for the classic against Real Spain. “The President” can debut with the album Today in La Ceiba.

3:55 pm The police are conducting a thorough search of the fans. But he was never successful in preventing the rails from putting gunpowder in the stadiums, which eventually drains the club’s coffers.

3:50 pm Today, a large number of white fans are expected at Siebino Stadium.

3:45 pm Real Spain will not be alone today in La Ceiba. Yellow and black shirts and flags can be seen in the stands.

3:40 pm Brian Moya and Diego Reyes prepare to enter the park of Cibino Stadium.

3:35 pm The moment when Olympia arrived led by Argentine Pablo Lavalin.

3:31 pm Hector Vargas at the time of his arrival with the oringra.

3:30 pm Welcome to Minute by Minute of the Classic Olimpia vs. Real Spain which is played in La Ceiba.