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Michel Lanio is not afraid of expulsion and sees Chivas in Leguela

Michel Lanio is not afraid of expulsion and sees Chivas in Leguela

after Adds his 3rd loss in 6 fights And I have chivas On site 9, technician, Marcelo Michel Leno is not afraid of the scythe from the owner Amauri Vergarabut think of correction in the face league The Closing 2022.

The Mistakes killed the people of Guadalajara again They couldn’t against him Lion And the They lost the game 2-1 in the 95th minute.

“It’s a question for the council, I have no fear, on the contrary I am very excited And our conviction that if we manage to preserve the good minutes that we had in some of the previous matches in which we had moments of clarity such as Mazatlan, Queretaro, Juarez, Tegres and today as well, We’ll be able to add three, which is what people wantWe want to talk on the pitch and add three.. That’s the only thing we have to do, and we keep going.”

about MarceloOn Chivas are all guilty And now it remains only to improve so that they are not committed later.

We all have to blamethrough thick and thin we are a team and As a training device, we have to improve many aspects as wellPlayers too, all of us have to keep working, it’s Obviously, when the result is not positive, there is a lot to analyzeis to be fully aware of what we are doing wrong and have the power to reverse it. We still have a lot of matches left in the tournament, and we’re doing everything we can to qualify for LegilaBeing there and fighting for a place obviously if we want to look forward to something we have to correct the mistakes because they leave you out.”

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chivas He also has 2 wins and 1 draw in Closing 2022.

Today I am very satisfied with the effort and dedication in the face of adversity and the team does not put down their arms, Those who start, those who enter change, those who stay in the bank, There is a lot of solidarity and we will move forwardMay strength come out of everyone and It’s good to help those who make change at the heart of the game This makes the competition even bigger,” the coach commented Guadalajara.

For Ariel Holan, the fair thing was a tie

Technical LionAnd the Ariel Holan He was very honest after His team’s 2-1 victory over Chivas They considered that they had unfairly lost games in the past, This Saturday was the fairest lottery.

In previous matches, we did not deserve to lose And today we got the result with a lot of merit from the team to self-esteem, not giving up, with a lot of heart, I want to highlight this after analyzing the game. hThere are many positive things, we lost unfairly against Cruz Azul and Pumas and today the most beautiful thing was a drawbut football is like that,” he agreed.