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Hector Herrera points out that Mexican players "need to be a bit more brilliant"

Hector Herrera points out that Mexican players “need to be a bit more brilliant”

Hector Herrera considers El Tri to be very “noble” and does not interrupt the rhythm of the game with “tactical strikes”.

Midfielder Hector Herreraone of the captains Mexican national team، Uruguay “They were very noble” in the whole field and were not “skilled workers”.

Uruguay He was clear about what he was playing, they pressed him, he saw how to guide us, and they made mistakes that disrupted the rhythm of the game in attacks. In this aspect, we are very noble, I do not mean hitting kicks, but doing tactical kicks and cutting the rhythm,” he said.

At a press conference, before the duel against Ecuador, Smith Remember the second goal, which is Uruguay He noted that “this can be avoided by cutting the play or ending it before. We need to be more ‘mistakes’, ‘handy’ or experienced. We are very noble when it comes to attacking and suggesting a match.”

The Houston Dynamo player now commented that the Mexican team has enough quality to face the superpowers during the World Cup, but pointed out that in these friendly matches they should get more maturity, because these matches are scenarios that will live in the World Cup. Qatar 2022.

“It is true that the level increases when you face teams like this and when you compete with teams of a higher level, your level should go up. Mexico has a choice to compete with them, to fight against them in an important match like the World Cup. It remains more, I don’t know if they are smart or mature. a day ago Uruguay We started well and they have a lot of experience, they know very well what they are playing and by having you submit to trust and circumstances they make it sound like they are better than us. He explained that it was a good match to know what you will face in the World Cup.

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“There are many points that we can improve and some that we have to do in the same way. The main thing we have to improve is what they talk about a lot, strength. The last and last games we had few chances and I think we have great players and team we have more chances and try to give more. Of the opportunities for the strikers and that does not concern me at all. We have unbalanced players and they generate you themselves and then as a team. We have to work hard on that, realize what we are living in and where we want to go,” he said.