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Javier Aquino admits he did not return to Cruz Azul

Javier Aquino admits he did not return to Cruz Azul

The Tigres player continues to rub the wound with salt or at least the “suit” he has brought with the Cruz Azul fans.

Javier Aquino admits he did not return to Cruz Azul
Javier Aquino admits he did not return to Cruz Azul

In recent years it has grown Resentment among Cruz Azul fans against Javier Aquino, who fed the Tegres player with certain statementsToday, it is back in the limelight.

And since his departure from Cruz Azul in 2013, his comeback has been almost unimaginable. At least on his part it wasn’t in his plans, because he already had another team backing him and he even came to “grow the roots”.

“Honestly, I don’t see myself going back to Cruz Azul, I guess I’m counting on my roots in Tigres, if there’s a team I see myself retired in, it’s in TigresAttacking midfielder turned winger Javier Aquino said at the age of 32 he has won eight titles with felines.

He never understood the reason for his blue boos

He confirmed that after he passed through Europe upon his return Cruz Azul was not interested in his services and the only one who was interested was Tigres.

“From that moment on, I played every game in Azteca and In Azul vs Cruz Azul I was booed the whole time. At first I didn’t even understand why when I didn’t do anything wrong, just go back to another club that was interested in me.” pointed out.

Javier Aquino will not return to Tre

Javier Aquino made his debut with the Mexican national team in 2011 and attended two World Cups, Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018. “I had two operations, in the first I had more activity with Chepo (de la Torre) and then with Juan Carlos (Osorio) During the qualifiers I had the opportunity and in the end I was not able to participate in the World Cup. Despair came from me too, and I didn’t say anything“.

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