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Health science students are the least healthy

Health science students are the least healthy

Usually students who are pursuing undergraduate degrees such as Medicine, human biology, or biomedicine They are the worst Health status they present. On the one hand, his Mental health at risk Due to excessive workload: excessive Study hoursa large amount of information to keep and many hours spent away from home, whether at the university or the library.

To all this we have to add pressure To get good jobs, which means take off oppositions Or you have a good score to choose from Research grants. All this happens very competitorBecause places are limited.

Many of them have already been diagnosed with disorders such as depression or anxiety. All of these aspects that deteriorate their mental health also end up affecting them physical health. Because they have to study, they give up making plans with their friends to break up, go to the gym to do some sports, or do some sports. Good diet. This lifestyle must continue throughout their school years, which are usually many.

How is it possible that those who watch the health Who is the least healthy?

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