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They hold a virtual international training meeting on integrative medicine

They hold a virtual international training meeting on integrative medicine

The Argentine Association of Integrative Medicine (AAMI) will hold an International Virtual Meeting on Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine next Saturday, in celebration of its 20-year history as a “leading organization in Argentina and Latin America” ​​in the teaching and dissemination of this specialty, the medical organization has learned today.

They noted that the goal of the event is to create health and professional agents “with the ability to work in a multidisciplinary manner,” knowing the cognitive underpinnings, language and worldview of the various complementary specialties and non-traditional medicines that currently exist.

Celebrating 20 years of experience, AAMI has gathered for this international scientific meeting professionals from the country and from the United States, Spain and Brazil, who will present aspects of these scientific disciplines online.

“This conference will provide tools not only to overcome current problems, and post-pandemic physical and mental disorders, but also to learn about all the treatments and research that are changing the world of health,” said American Health Association President Susie Reich.

Presentations for professionals will not be simultaneous, but will be uploaded on October 22 to the website www.medicinaintegrativa.org.ar and will remain available “on the AAMI website until the end of the year”.

The day will not have a tariff, it will be open to the public, with pre-registration through the link https://medicinaintegrativa.org.ar/medicina-integrativa-presente-y-futuro/ (Télam)

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