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He denounces the robberies he has been subjected to and sends “arrows” to Casemiro

He denounces the robberies he has been subjected to and sends “arrows” to Casemiro


Arturo Vidal The former Real Madrid player has never hidden the doubts he has towards Real Madrid Barcelonawho currently plays for Atletico ParanaenseHe made some controversial statements against the White Team.

This is on the channel “Cobra” Twitcha popular streamer spoke to him and commented on the robberies he suffered while he was a Bayern Munich player in the Champions League.

The Chilean focused on the two goals he scored Cristiano Ronaldo infiltration and Casemiro He should have been fired. In any case, whoever sees the color red has a double warning.

“In their stadium it was a terrible game. The first game was very strange… We could have won two Champions“Arturo Vidal said in the interview.

“Cobra” I asked him directly if he felt that “there is biased refereeing in favor of Real Madrid in the Spanish League.” Champions League“, Arturo Vidal’s response was clear: “There is a lot of pressure. When I lived, yes.”

“Sometimes I don’t know in which match a specific controversy occurred against Real Madrid… I’ve had so many robberies in my career against Real Madrid, that sometimes I forget the details. “My teams have been robbed too many times.”

“Madrid, we’ll bust your ass!”

when Flamingo He became a champion of Libertadores Cup Vidal left this controversial phrase among the white team that he will face in the Club World Cup.

In the end he ended up losing to… Crescent moon He was unable to play against Real Madrid.

La Cobra also asked him about the discussionCasemiro or Busquets“Busquets, without a doubt. “In all teams, the pivot is always the one who controls the tempo, the one with the most technique, the one who moves the ball… Casemiro doesn’t do any of that, and that’s why I prefer Busquets.”

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Arturo Vidal Defend it Luis Suarez And Robert Lewandowski They are the best strikers he has ever seen. Luis Suarez or Lewandowski? They are both very good scorers. I don’t know if there will be a better striker than them. “Lewandowski has many qualities, but I prefer Luis Suarez… Suarez has that mischief that South American players have, which is something Robert does not have.”