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Haaland will get a millionaire contract to accompany Mbappe

Haaland will get a millionaire contract to accompany Mbappe

Erling Halland Preparing to sign a new and succulent contract. front of Manchester city And he has stunned some so far this season Outrageous scoring records; There have already been 33 goals in 33 matches from all competitions, although they have been in leading Where his personalities shine most, however, is with his 27 goals in 24 matches.

circumstance it happens Haaland’s sports sponsorship with Nike ended on December 31 Since then, the Norwegian has been free to use any shoe brand in his matches.

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Millionaire contract for Haaland

According to The Athletic, Haaland is one step away from renewing his contract with the North American multinational After being seduced by another giant like Adidas also American Lion. Indeed, with the first he tried his shoes, but last Nike He won the bid and will keep the City striker on his client list.

Apparently, Haaland will be renewed for a large annual sum. The information is about a An exciting contract worth 23 million euros a yeara contract that would see him among the brand’s highest-grossing companies.

Adidas It must be Messi As an undisputed symbol and American Lion Connect with Neymar as a great dagger. Nike, keeping Haaland, would form a solid pairing with him Kylian Mbappe.

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