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Correa faced the Puebla coach after a duel against Santos Mediutempo

Correa faced the Puebla coach after a duel against Santos Mediutempo

Javier CorreaBefore St. Lagoonfaced the technical director of Puebla, Eduardo Arceafter round 9 of End of 2023 from Liga MX. Added to this, the gunner expressed that the strategist should devote himself to “training his players” rather than demanding it.

Javier Correa vs. Eduardo Arce

“I think that The Puebla coach should keep his mouth shut a bit He devotes himself to training players. I don’t see if I’m going to get out quickly, because it’s the second time he’s done the same thing to me and I would like him to tell me straight up all the things he’s yelled at, but Since he doesn’t have balls he won’t tell meAnd across Correa in an interview with Channel Six inside the mixed zone.

Later on, we could see how the attacker’s gaze shifted Looking for Eduardo Arce until he found it. So, Correa stopped answering the questions that were asked and went straight to her Confront the opposing coach.

The two exchanged words in a heated conversation until Crew St. Lagoon I had to separate them. It is expected soon after Javier Correa That would have provoked DT to continue the discussion. However, they moved too far to the point where Arce expressed: “That’s your problem, you only provoke, you provoke all day”while leaving the mixed zone.

Squad St. Lagoon Ended up taking 3-2 win In a match where they were superior most of the time. but, The sector did not take its foot off the gas pedal He added two goals in the last 20 minutes. Javier Correa He was replaced in the 90′ ​​+ 6 minute by Jose Lozano, the last change being Eduardo Ventanes.

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