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Graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication

Graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication

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The College of Social Sciences and Communication will hold a graduation ceremony for the academic year 2021-2022. In this issue, the journalist Alicia San Juan will be the godmother who, as usual, will participate in handing out the testimonials.

The Center will salute the best records: Iraitz Madariaga, in Journalism degree; Nuria Sancho, degree holder in Advertising and Public Relations; Guillermo Ordas, certified in Audiovisual Communication; Ines Gonzalez, BA in Sociology, and Asir Echeverria, BA in Political Science and Public Administration.

This year, 402 students (249 women and 153 men) who have completed their studies this year will receive a diploma. According to grades, they are divided as follows:

  • 41st promotion in journalism: 135 students (74 women and 61 men).
  • The 41st promotion to the degree in advertising and public relations: 110 students (81 women and 29 men).
  • The 30th upgrade to the degree of sociology: 45 students (31 women and 14 men).
  • The 30th promotion to the degree of political science and public administration: 38 students (17 women and 21 men).
  • 24th Promotion of Audiovisual Communication Degree: 74 students (46 women and 28 men).

During the ceremony, awards for Best Final Grade Projects (TFG) will be awarded:

  • Aitor Garmendia Experia: 1st Beria Journalism Award TFG
  • Iratxe López López de Araya: 5th TFG Prize in Sociology and Political Science
  • Ares Marpa y Serra: First Prize from the Basque Journalists Association and the Basque College of Journalists

Participating in the graduation ceremony:

  • Eva Ferreira García, Dean of UPV/EHU.
  • Mirren Artaras Menon, Director of University Policy and Coordination for the Basque Government
  • Ana Irene Del Valle, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Communication.
  • Alicia San Juan, journalist.
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The work will end with a performance by the UPV/EHU Orchestra.