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Goodbye bed bugs: UNAM’s Faculty of Political and Social Sciences has already been sterilized and will reopen

Goodbye bed bugs: UNAM’s Faculty of Political and Social Sciences has already been sterilized and will reopen

The College of Political and Social Sciences will return to in-person activities following the fumigation operation against bed bugs. [Archivo]

the College of Political and Social Sciences From the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAMThe pest control company announced the completion of fumigation, cleaning, and investigation of the presence of an insect. bed bugs It was reported a few days ago, so the factory will reopen and resume its activities starting Wednesday, October 11.

The bedbug problem has affected UNAM’s faculties due to the potential risk of bedbug infestation within classrooms, resulting in facilities being closed until cleaning and disinfection can be carried out to protect the student community.

Some schools were able to resume their activities almost immediately, after completing the procedures required for work, but there were other faculties such as political and social sciences that delayed their closure and, of course, their reopening.

Educational facilities have been closed since October 3, when the plan that will be developed to achieve the goal of avoiding bedbug infestation began, and after a week, administrative and educational activities will resume in person.

FCPYS issued a statement stating that the cleanup work has been completed. [Twitter]

“The sterilization program announced on October 8, 2023 has ended at the specified times, the cleaning of academic and research spaces has also completed, and in-person activities can resume normally from this date.” Wednesday, October 11 this year“, the College of Political and Social Sciences communicated through a joint presentation on social media sites.

Recalling that due to the closure, the same institution asked students and teachers to conduct lessons virtually, while carrying out fumigation work.

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At the end of September, students from various UNAM colleges and campuses reported the presence of bed bugs inside classrooms, so they asked the authorities to conduct a clean-up operation to put an end to the problem.

The first institution to make this alleged plague apparent was… Faculty of ChemistryThis prompted Dar Al-Aqsa to take action on this case and close it while the fumigation process is underway.

The College of Chemistry has canceled classes to investigate an alleged infestation of these insects in the facilities

After that, other faculties joined the closure, such as veterinary medicine, law, and political science. In addition, within the framework of this same situation, all branches of the Faculty of Sciences and Humanities were closed (CCH) to carry out preventive fumigation against bed bugs.

Despite all the work carried out, UNAM explained that only one bedbug was found, so the student community should not worry about a possible infestation. This allowed students to return to the classroom gradually.

Although this problem arose not only at the university, but also in other places, such as the Mass Transit System (STC). meterA passenger on Line A documented the presence of these insects inside the car, so a fumigation process was also carried out in all convoys.

Recently, an error also appeared on the first line of Cablebús, a situation that was recorded on video by a passenger; However, no authority in Mexico City commented on the matter or reported taking preventive measures.