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La Nacion / Students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences oppose the return of summary doctors to their jobs

La Nacion / Students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences oppose the return of summary doctors to their jobs

Students of the UNA Faculty of Medical Sciences deplore the possible return of brothers Emiliano and Jaime Ibarrola, trauma specialists with assistant jobs and Hospital de Clínicas briefs teachers in 2016. They requested reintegration at Hospital de Clínicas through a written note in 2020.

Both were indicted on charges of planillerismo, as well as making appointments to leadership positions to people without proper preparation, as well as having irregularities in the procurement of medical equipment, tenders and the collection of fees, among other things.

Students expect litigation to take place properly, to be transparent and not to attempt to bypass necessary legal process. We are against any irregularity that may exist,” a student from Umma/Middle Nation pointed out.

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The complaints were submitted in 2015 and 2016. In the academic field, it highlights the opening of the ‘referendum’ examination schedule, irregularities in the MSc in Public Health and Hospital Administration, and the erratic handling of the dissertation protocol approval processes.

On the other hand, in the administrative and organizational areas, hourly load adjustment, appointment as head of the department for people without college degrees, appointments as teachers for people without teaching positions and a student with a permanent class, collection of fees for the Research Directorate of the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FCM), etc.

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“The investigation is pending due to a precautionary measure they requested through the High Court of Justice (CSJ), and it has a precautionary measure imposed by the defendants through the High Court of Justice, so the process can only be resumed after the said measure is lifted by them. The requester explained that the exclusion of the summary depends on the Council of Management of FCM UNA.

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Both physicians were removed from their position at the beginning of the summary against them, and they were not dismissed by the institution. Remarkably, the aforementioned summary has been discontinued for six years, while they continue to receive a salary from the educational entity; Jaime Ibarrola receives 28,160,000 and Emiliano Ibarrola 15,510,000.

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