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A veterinarian is a professional who helps and ensures the welfare of animals

A veterinarian is a professional who helps and ensures the welfare of animals

Miami.- International Day of Veterinarian Dr It is celebrated on the last Saturday of April, which falls on the 27th day of 2024. This anniversary appeared in 2000 as an initiative of the World Veterinary Association (WVA).

According to the RAE, a veterinarian is a professional who practices the science and art of preventing and treating animal diseases. “Veterinarians, like doctors, are among the few professionals who have scientific knowledge in this field health And the biology we can access and communicate directly with residents (pet owners, ranchers, food chain operators),” notes WVA.

In March this year, WVA President Rafael Laguens met Australian Peter Charles Doherty, the only veterinarian to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology. This award was jointly received by Rolf M. Zinkernagel, in 1996, for their discoveries about the specificity of the cellular immune response.

As reported after the meeting, Doherty emphasizes that “the veterinary profession is on the front line of climate change. “We have the power to influence the general public and society, as well as to take action of our own.”

Protection and health

The US Department of Labor's Bureau of Statistics (BLS) records that a Veterinarian Dr He earns a total of $109,920 per year. This translates to, on average, $48.46 per hour.

In addition, the states that provide the highest number of job opportunities for this professional are California, Texas, Florida, and New York. Veterinarians ensure well-being the animals Local, farm and wild. In addition to the clinical aspect, its role is important in the prevention of zoonotic diseases: animal diseases that are transmitted to humans through direct infection with a sick animal, or through bodily fluids such as urine or saliva, or due to the presence of some mediators such as mosquitoes or other insects. .

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Another key role of the veterinarian is to ensure the safety and quality of animal foods that go from farm to fork.

In February 2024, the World Organization for Animal Health (WVA) called for greater attention and protection of animals during natural disasters and armed conflicts. This call is made based on the realization that animals are sentient beings capable of experiencing fear, pain and anguish, yet their needs are generally ignored during crisis management.




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