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"Go to Real Madrid";  Zlatan Mbappe advised about his future

“Go to Real Madrid”; Zlatan Mbappe advised about his future

One of the The most interesting movements can happen in Next months Is it Signature Kylian Mbappe (who got injured today) with Real Madrid, The same will be agreed at 0, because the Frenchman will be a free agent in June, since then He did not renew with Paris Saint-Germain; To make a good decision, even Zlatan gave him some advice.

the Mbappe’s future is still up in the air Because he doesn’t know if he’ll end up renewing with him Paris Saint-Germain Or is it all done for him? Go to Real Madrid, different personalities have given their opinion about this fact but Zlatan Ibrahimovic . revealed “Private talk” with him, Where he tried to lead him on the best path.

What did Zlatan Mbappe say?

In an interview with L’Equipe, Zlatan I admitted it not too long ago Talk to Mbappe about his futureWhere do you know that Play forever in the same team forever It’s “much easier”But trying in different leagues is better to develop professionally.

He asked me yes, and I told him: If I were you, I would go to Real Madrid.. I had the opportunity to play for different teams, different countries, with different champions, and that’s how I learned and grew. In my opinion, playing at home your entire profession is easier. But if you pack your bag and go to other teams, this is an adventure,” said the Swede.

in addition to , Zlatan knows that Paris Saint-Germain wants the French And they won’t let it be that easy, okay It is not only Real Madrid who intends to do so, but there are other clubs interested, so the final decision is yours, but Asks to analyze all options.

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Only Killian can answer where he will play. It depends on what you want and what you think. I was going. But If I were in PSG, I would try to keep him. He will be the one to decide. PSG wants to keep him, of course, but Does he want to stay? I also believe in that There are other clubs that want him. If you are a manager, you have the means to sign with him and you don’t want to take over Mbappe, you are in the wrong business.”

Mbappe records 19 goals and 15 assists On the current season (Calculating the French League, Champions and the French Cup) is one of the most important references in Paris Saint-Germain; for him Contract expires on June 30.