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Summary of the match between America and Atlas (0-2).  Objectives "

Summary of the match between America and Atlas (0-2). Objectives “

Mexico City /

the 2022 From America It is the same or worse than last year’s closing. Eagles are already adding Seven matches without a win, the team seems clueless every time on the field, as if that were not enough, the board does not end up closing the team, specifically the right wing, which was the only request from Santiago Solari.

the Team show in Azteca It was Disaster, Atlas with very little, a gOlzo Diego Barbosa and the last of Jonathan Herrera The second half, it was enough to take Victoria 2-0 and sharpen January cost to America.

The first half was a bit of football for both teams, only two choices of goals in each of the goals went well. Camilo Vargas s Ochoa note.

In the second half America tried more At first, however, they met a Colombian named Camilo Vargas, who scored at least two clear goals.

When the match fell into a rut where the ball did not cross the midfield, a genius Barbosa changed the fate of the party. The defender hit the ball with a grudge and put it in the right corner, out of Ochoa’s reach.

the Atlas goal A completely unbundled America that lost its head and Federico Vinas It was a sign of ineffectiveness by kicking a player from Rogengros in the chest, a move that was reviewed in the VAR until he left. Fired.

Already at the end of the game, the youth team of the Foxes Jonathan Herrera scored a great goal From half a turn to discourage Ochoa and make the Americans tremendously angry in the stands.

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America It has become a predictable team, as the players seem to have no illusions and the coaching staff does not seem to find a way to motivate them, they really are Seven games in a row without a win And the pressure increases and the boos of the Aztecs grow louder.