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A message from Miguel Angel Borja to Depo Martinez before the Colombia-Argentina qualifiers |  Colombia Choice

A message from Miguel Angel Borja to Depo Martinez before the Colombia-Argentina qualifiers | Colombia Choice

The semi-final match between Colombia and Argentina at the Copa America 2020 continues to offer something to talk about. The controversial performance of goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez aroused all kinds of comments from the public, journalists and even the players themselves.

Precisely in the lead-up to the qualifying match, one of the champions of that day chose to heat up the confrontation with a precise message to the goalkeeper who plays for Aston Villa.

In an interview with “El Heraldo”, Miguel Angel Borja talked about his call-up to the national team, the upcoming duels against Peruvians and Argentines, and his reunion with Martinez.

“In the midst of the illusion of seeing Colombia in Qatar, one feels very happy when he sees that there are so many options for the teacher to choose from. The scorer said of the crucial matches that he is considering qualifying for the World Cup, if a player is injured tomorrow, God forbid, we will definitely have Good alternative.

Although the match for the stars will be for many against Albiceleste, Borja called for calm and emphasized that “we must beat Peru first”. The confrontation is scheduled for January 28 next.

Despite the above, the star signing with Junior did not miss any opportunity to remember the last duel with the Argentines, when they got rid of Tricolor on penalties.

And that night in Brasilia, despite the shouts of the Argentine goalkeeper, he did not forgive Borja and celebrated his own dance. I just took the opportunity to send a message to “Dibu”: “There will be nowhere to talk to him after he scores goalsAnd so, without refuting the words, the confrontation to be held in Córdoba was kindled.

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Finally, he pointed out that Lionel Messi’s absence from Scaloni’s team does not take away his power. “The Argentine national team played very well with Messi and without Messi. We will not leave a great personality aside, but facing Argentina will be very complicated,” he said.

It is worth noting that in the last two matches between Colombia and Argentina, Borja scored a goal. He achieved the final 2-2 in that qualifying duel in Barranquilla and the already mentioned goal in the penalty shootout during the 2020 Copa America.