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Georgina reveals her biggest ‘secret’ to staying fit, and it’s all about her kids

Georgina reveals her biggest ‘secret’ to staying fit, and it’s all about her kids

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Guatemala’s Electoral Court temporarily suspends the elected president’s party

Guatemala’s Supreme Electoral Court on Monday suspended, at the request of a judge, membership in the party of elected President Bernardo Arevalo, who called the action “illegal” and part of “political persecution” on the occasion of his inauguration. On the 14th of January next. “The General Directorate of Citizens Registration (…) decides to temporarily suspend the registration of a legal entity for the Movimiento Semilla Political Party Constitution Committee,” recalled the Electoral Court’s decision after complying with a controversial ruling requested by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. After the first presidential round on June 25, the judge ordered Freddy Orellana, the electoral court suspended the party when a criminal investigation was triggered for alleged irregularities in the formation affiliates in 2017. The court at that moment did not comply with the judge’s order because a party could not be suspended in the middle of the electoral process. Polling on time and on time. The winning candidates in the first round: Arevalo, the ruling party foreigner, and former first lady Sandra Torres, both Social Democrats. The judge’s order is “absolutely illegal”, and is part of “a process of political persecution, using the tools of justice and justice”. justice institutions illegally against the seed movement,” Arevalo denounced Monday at a news conference. Arevalo was the winner in the second round on August 20 with 60.91% of valid votes compared to 39.09% for Torres, who denounced the alleged “fraud.” According to analysts, The suspension of Simela does not affect the leadership of the 64-year-old Social Democratic Party, with increased security measures due to news of a possible attack against him. “The decision is not final,” lawyer and analyst Edgar Ortiz told AFP, and its effects will fall on the party’s congressional seats. The party may lose its prerogatives such as chairing committees.”Nothing can legally prevent us from taking office on January 14, 2024,” Arevalo said, “as stipulated in the constitution.” – ‘Lawfully elected’ president – Simela is being suspended “without any duly established basis or reason”, the Organization of American States denounced in a statement. It’s an “arbitrary interpretation of the law,” according to Environment Watch. On Monday, the head of the Citizens Registry, Ramiro Muñoz, complied with Orellana’s order, acting primarily at the request of Attorney General Rafael Korocchichi. The United States considers Oriana and Kurochchi to be “corrupt”. Muñoz noted in the new decision that “given that up to now, the second round of elections has already taken place and the corresponding audit has been carried out, it has been shown to comply with the order issued by the judge.” The announcement of Simela’s suspension last July sparked concern in the international community. Then the head of US diplomacy for Latin America, Brian Nichols, expressed concern about “new threats from the public ministry against electoral democracy in Guatemala”. It has been agreed (…) to proclaim the election of citizen César Bernardo Arevalo de Leon as the de jure President of the Republic of Guatemala, who has been given the position for a non-extendable term of four years from January 14, 2024 to January 14, 2028, said the Secretary General of the Court, Mario Velazquez, in Press Conference. The formalization of the results has “precipitated” for Torres’ party, National Unity of Hope, which claimed in X, previously Twitter, that “alleged rain” and “anomalies” in the capital city of Simela, Nino Mattotti, elected councilor of the city of Similla, told AFP. Elections still need to be resolved. Today, public institutions are illegally exploiting the judicial system against Similla.” “Corrupt” in Central America has sparked several street protests demanding her resignation. On Monday, the Constitutional Court rejected Porras’ application for judicial protection that he sought to stop protests and messages on social networks demanding his resignation, alleging that they constitute acts of “obstruction of justice” and limit the “practice of criminal prosecution”.hma/dga/atm

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