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Award given to the Patagonian Museum of Natural Sciences “Juan Carlos Salgado” in General Roca, Rio Negro

Award given to the Patagonian Museum of Natural Sciences “Juan Carlos Salgado” in General Roca, Rio Negro

The Secretariat of Cultural Heritage of the country’s Ministry of Culture has awarded 1,000,000 pesos to the Patagonian Museum of Natural Sciences “Juan Carlos Salgado” of General Roca, within the framework of the first edition of the Argentine Museums Registration Awards (RMA) which distributed 100 million pesos among 42 other institutions.

According to the Secretariat of Culture of Rio Negro, the Museo Roqueense received the contribution to make improvements to the building.

The RMA Awards are awarded by the country’s Ministry of Culture, which in this edition has focused on recognizing the link between museums and citizens, and ensuring the right to culture for all people.

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The aim of the awards is to recognize this connection through proposals that promote democracy, access, protection, participatory management and communication of cultural heritage.

The museums initiated award-winning projects between 2020 and 2022, distinguished by their production, quality, commitment, innovation, creativity and societal impact.

As detailed, the Patagonian Museum of Natural Sciences’ Juan Carlos Salgado was selected because of his “digital affinity for evaluating the Patagonian Museum of Natural Sciences’ collection and placing it for public consultation.”

The Argentine Museums Registry is a digital platform for transparency and publishing with more than 700 registered institutions.

Of the total registrants, 98 are dependent on regional public entities; 316 municipal public bodies; 170 private public entities such as foundations, associations, associations or cooperatives; 26 from mixed agencies and 79 from national public agencies.

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The purpose of the register is that each museum can provide a description of the heritage wealth it exhibits, preserves, investigates and disseminates from its territory so that all interested persons may freely access information regarding collections, programs and visitor services, among other things. .

The awarded initiatives are part of the Bank of Good Practices within the Registry of Argentine Museums and other digital publishing channels of the country’s Ministry of Culture.

“It is a source of pride for us and the whole province, because it is a museum that regularly receives visits not only from General Roca, but from the entire province, the country and the world; it is a leading institution that produces knowledge and it contains a very important heritage,” said Culture Minister Ariel Avalos.

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