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Pastries as a cure for emotional well-being

Pastries as a cure for emotional well-being

In recent years we have seen a phenomenon that has mostly invaded millennials and generation Z, which is homemade pastries, which has become one of the fastest growing culinary hobbies, as this activity encourages creativity and innovation and, in many cases, has been an essential part of Practice therapy Promote mental health.

Ines de la Parra, Marketing Director of Breville, household appliance Wellbeing, ensures that the popularity of this activity is also due to the fact that we are all constantly looking for new experiences, experiences that are authentic and that we can relate to; In addition, cooking can help lower levels of cortisol, known as the stress hormone, according to a study published in the journal “Journal of Positive Psychology 2023“.

Baking as an occupational therapy

In a world full of digital distractions and daily stresses, baking has emerged as an occupational therapy that provides an effective escape. The careful attention required to measure, blend, and decorate provides an opportunity to be fully present in the moment. The focus required at each step of the process is similar to active meditation, allowing young people to disconnect and find a space of calm in the midst of the daily hustle and bustle.

Mental health in the oven: science confirms it

Baking has been shown to have a real impact on the mental health of those who practice it. According to research conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, it was found that this activity can help reduce depression. The study was conducted on more than 2,000 people, indicating that those who participated in regular cooking activities, such as baking, reduced the risk of depression by up to 30%.

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bakery chef: the perfect ally for culinary creativity

In the midst of this culinary trend, Bakery Chef de Breville will become your perfect ally to take your pastries to the next level, because while you’re busy exploring flavours, textures and colours, this innovative mixer will help you get the perfect mix. Since it is ideal to take the next step in this hobby, because with the technology that you incorporate, the mixtures will be better than those of a commercial bakery or pastry shop.

Although baking is a culinary trend that is gaining more traction among millennials and Gen Z, it is a new way to encourage personal well-being, and it is perfect for any age, because it is more than just baking delicious desserts, this activity has become a way to explore. Creativity and mental healing in a world that can often be overwhelming.

So, if you are looking for an experience that will satisfy both your taste buds and your mind, then maybe it is time to get your hands in the dough and plunge into the wholesome and delicious world of desserts.