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Heat islands: It is the phenomenon that causes severe increases of up to 11 degrees in some cities

As a result of poor urban planning, densely populated cities suffer from heat islands all day long in certain areas.

It is known that due to regional expansion and excessive urbanization, Mexico City has a microclimate. This means that regardless of whether it is one city, Each region has different climatic characteristics: some city halls are wetter and cooler; While others are drier and warmer. This situation, along with poor urban planning and global warming, drives the phenomenon known as heat islands.

Too much concrete, too little green

View of the Xochimilco canals. Photo: Getty Images

Heat islands have been recorded for two centuries in large cities. The clearest example according to a reporter Science UNAM العلوم, Laura Garcia, can be seen in the office of the Mayor of Xochimilco, where they are Extensive watercourse systems remain تزال, dedicated to agriculture. Environmental conditions allow, in the morning, absorption Room temperature 6°C. But a little further north of the capital, The day starts at 14°C. more center, It can reach 20 degrees Celsius.

This is because, according to the doctor’s opinion Elda Luyando, researcher in the Climate Change and Solar Radiation Group in the Arab Republic of Egypt Center for Atmospheric Sciences, at heat islands:

The researcher explains that “this phenomenon indicates the presence of warmer air in certain areas of the city other than those in the surrounding countryside.”

The origin of these temperature differences is multifactorial. However, one of the most important is how intensively cities are built. In the case of Mexico City, it has been identified in areas that have Too much concrete, too little green. In contrast, city halls in the capital with water bodies and parks do not suffer from high temperatures all year round.

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more heat

heat island
Photo: Getty Images

Building materials used in cities, which are generally dark, absorb more energy from the sun. With slower scattering of solar radiation, certain areas of the city are more likely to generate the heat islands described by Luyando. This effect is slow, so Keeps the air warm for several hours In this type of colonies. A good example of this is the historical center of the capital, which in favor of construction projects, He sacrificed the green spaces that flourished there.

This phenomenon, of course, is not limited to the Mexican capital. On the contrary, it happens in the other densely populated citieswhat or what او The virtue of building on the natural ecological balance. In addition to the fact that they do not appear sustainably all day, clear skies and sunny days prefer hot air to keep flying over certain areas for longer.

However, not all cities in the world suffer from heat islands. The Geographical location and mountain formations Accompanying cities affect the occurrence of the phenomenon or not. In the same way, UNAM researchers have highlighted that Urban planning is necessary to maintain temperature, as far as possible, within its “natural” limits.

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