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Genesis minimally defeated Platense in Comayagua and dreamed of the Clausura promotion title

Genesis minimally defeated Platense in Comayagua and dreamed of the Clausura promotion title


the stadium Carlos Miranda from Comayagua Witnessed the first final of Clausura 2023 Promotion League Championship between Genesis and Platense, which ended in victory for the local population with a minimum.

The final score was 1-0 in favor of Comayagua, a result that would undoubtedly make them dream of a second-tier Clausura title, although a comeback is yet to come.

It was a very tough game, even from start to finish, although the locals tried a bit more when they were in front of their own people.

In the fifth minute came one of the clearest for originafter a cross from the right wing was headed by Leonardo Bodin by Franco Goetti, who attempted a fine Chilean pass and the ball went close to Sandro Carcamo’s left post.

At the age of 16, Leonardo Bodin had another important procedure originhooked the volleyball with his left foot, but did not do it very well and the ball rose.

The answer Platenci Two more minutes came, with a powerful left foot shot from long range from Yasser Santos, but goalkeeper Gerson Argueta fired to save Genesis.

single goal

In the second half there weren’t many clear chances to score and it was still 0-0 in the 78th minute.

cross from the left origin Found Randy Diamond head first, hemisphere deflected and Oscar Padilla Disco He entered the far post alone to finish with a right foot and beat goalkeeper Sandro Carcamo.

This score of 1-0 is not a big difference, but it is important for the team of Reinaldo Telegoath, who dreams of playing in the national league.

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The return of the Grand Final between origin And Platenci It will take place next Sunday, June 11th at 3:00 pm at the Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula.

We must remember that platenci Cannot play at the Excelsior Stadium due to the penalty received for the problems caused against Independiente in the semi-finals of the promotion slug.

Clausura Championship 2023 L.L promotion slug It will be measured against Juticalpa in a very final to decide who gets promoted to the National League.


origin: Gerson Argueta, Leonardo Boden, Teofilo Casildo, Jose Vialos, Hector Oliva, Manuel Salinas, Daniel Melendez, Mario Ventura, Andres Davila, Juan Laso, Franco Goiti.

plateau: Sandro Carcamo, Brian Johnson, Marco Martinez, Elder Ramos, Yasser Santos, Hector Oloa, Eric Puerto, Jorge Cardona, Ofir Padilla, Jose Barreto, Alvaro Klusener.