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GEM cares about the health of the elderly so that they can enjoy a state of well-being

GEM cares about the health of the elderly so that they can enjoy a state of well-being

· People over 60 learn how to take care of cars to enhance their independence.

· The Multidisciplinary Brigade of the Ministry of Social Welfare serves this sector through personalized attention in various health specialties.

tikkoko, State of Mexico.- With the aim of offering knowledge and tools that allow older people to solve the doubts that arise during this stage of their lives, the Interdisciplinary Brigade of the Ministry of Social Welfare presented a practical information workshop on motor skills, with a wide range of explanations on topics related to diseases such as arthritis. And osteoporosis.

The multidisciplinary brigade consists of specialists in medicine, psychology, gerontology, physiotherapy, nutrition, legal counseling and social work; Its purpose is to provide personal assistance to this category of the population to increase their self-sufficiency and improve their standard of living.

The Social Welfare Secretariat, headed by Juan Carlos González Romero, noted that the work of this brigade is governed by the principle of close service to the vulnerable sectors of society so that they have the opportunity to enjoy better living conditions, such as those created by the Government of the State of Mexico, headed by teacher Delfina Gómez Álvarez.

Likewise, it continues to strengthen services so that older persons can access the full exercise of their rights so that they can achieve a dignified life in which they can function freely and safely in their environments.

In this group of the Mexican population, diseases such as osteoarthritis, an inflammation that deforms the fingers, and osteoarthritis, which consists of deterioration of the cartilage covering the joints, are frequent.

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Both diseases mainly occur in the elderly and affect their movement, so it was explained in this workshop that it is necessary to perform exercises to stimulate motor skills through daily activities such as cutting, sweeping, sewing, opening buttons, tying shoelaces, or using objects such as balls and plastic.

Finally, we talked about the importance of warming up and training during these dynamics to maintain optimal health and performance in your daily life.