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Aguascalientes highlights support for science and technology among young people at Grupo Milenio

Aguascalientes highlights support for science and technology among young people at Grupo Milenio

Thanks to the motivation of Governor Teresa Jiménez toIt gives to science and technologyToday, more and more students From Aguascalientes Access to various programs and support Which allows them to train and obtain the necessary tools to compete with the best in the world.

This is the case of Rogelio Guerrero Reyes, Gold medal winner At the 64th International Mathematical Olympiad 2023, Who received a scholarship from the State Institute of Science and Technology (Incytea), which allowed him to participate in this important competition.

In this sense, the President of Insetia, Ana Claudia Morales Dueñas, stated that only in 2023 Just over 1,700 students were supported Through different Scholarship programs Who promotes the institution he heads.

He explained that through the scholarship program, “talents that go beyond science and technology” Various students received up to 20 thousand pesos For training or certification in robotics, computing, mathematics, artificial intelligence, information technology, etc.

“This program too Allowing national and international academic mobility Beneficiaries are able to participate in various competitions,” highlighted the President of Incytea.

He noted that using the same software, Incytea Students of public and private universities benefited from it And postgraduate courses with significant financial support To continue their studies.

Finally he added it One of the programs that has been standardized During the year FIBEIPES Scholarships were offered in which students from public universities participated Get full payment for them teaching From the day they are selected as beneficiaries, until they complete their studies, which allows this Increasing the number of graduates at senior levels.

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