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One after another, Harvard University's free courses to study data science and earn salaries up to million dollars

One after another, Harvard University's free courses to study data science and earn salaries up to million dollars

Due to the rapid growth in the technological world, lTo university Harvard Offers free courses To train professionals who seek to stay up to date or take their first steps in these professions. In this sense, these types of jobs offer salaries of more than $1 million in Argentina.

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Through three of its free courses in data science, the organization makes it available to those interested They train from their homes and without paying for this knowledge. The importance of this branch of study is fundamental to having the tools and ability to analyze information in the operations of every company.

What are the free Harvard courses with a salary of $1,000,000

Artificial Intelligence and programming basics are some of the contents that will be studied in depth in these courses that last only two months and are implemented on the edX platform. According to estimates, a student must devote between 3 to 4 hours of study per week.

  • Data Science: Machine Learning

In this course you will learn about Automate the process,principal component analysis and How to use the data Together to identify potential predictive relationships. On the other hand, training algorithms are also taught.

The course is free, but to obtain a certificate of completion you must pay 2580 pesos.

In this course they teach basic programming in the R language, one of the most important languages ​​in the digital world. In this way, basic concepts about vector arithmetic and indexing are learned.

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Final certificate Costs 3,729 pesos.

  • Introduction to data science with Python

This teaches Python, which is one of the most widely used languages ​​in programming and software development. This seeks for the user to learn how to solve real challenges and implement basic models.

The course is free, but you must pay to access the tests and certificates 5,178 pesos.

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