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Five effective exercises to gain muscle mass without using machines |  Health |  magazine

Five effective exercises to gain muscle mass without using machines | Health | magazine

It is important not to accumulate fats and to properly process calories and proteins.

If you do not want to go to the gym or use machines to gain muscle mass, there are other options that you can try and thus maintain not only a good figure, but also an acceptable state of health, given the importance of Playing sports for our lives.

It is therefore important not to accumulate fats and properly process calories and proteins as published she, which he quotes coach Javi Pantoga. He recommends applying the overload gradually to stimulate muscle growth and a proper diet.

Without machines, we can use our weights or try weights or dumbbells that stimulate muscle growth without having to do big or strenuous routines. Also, this will help with tone.

What is better to increase muscle mass: more weight or more repetitions?

Pantoja recommends the following exercises:

push up

The World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.

They help work the arms, chest, triceps and other parts of the upper body. With your hands on the floor, extend your legs back, forming a plank, then go up and down with your chest close to the floor and your elbows close to your ribs.

roll biceps

The biceps exercise is similar to the biceps hammer, with only one difference: the arms do not move but remain stationary for 30 seconds. This exercise stimulates the biceps. It is done four times and is part of the circuit. You will be able to see results in about 2 months.

There is also the option of bending the arms to gain muscle in this part of the body. You can do this using weights or any other similarly loaded object. Straighten your arms, palms up, and raise and lower the weights toward your shoulders.

triceps extensions

To work the inner part of the arms, you should stand with your back on a bench or some surface that allows you to put your arms straight at shoulder height, bend your legs to be supported only by your arms and then go up and down with your back straight and elbows closed.

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An alternative is the side step, which is performed with a step extended to the side, hands at chest level, knees at a 90-degree angle. While developing this exercise, the body must be balanced from side to side.

Take a step forward and a step back. First, one of the legs should be at a 90-degree angle to align with the hips and the other will be extending back. Then switch legs. You can also carry weights for more intensity.


Photo: Unsplash

Let’s not forget the legs. The classic exercise is to stand with your legs aligned at the hips and the ball of the foot slightly outward, hold some weights in your hands and slowly lower yourself while extending your arms forward.

How to avoid and relieve muscle pain after exercise

Each exercise can be repeated for three sets or rounds and change the intensity: first fifteen repetitions; Then twelve and finally, ten. The expert adds that it is expected that within 21 days, exercising three times a week, the changes will already be visible. (I)