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The College of Medicine aspires to teach two new degrees: Audiology and Experimental Biomedicine

The College of Medicine aspires to teach two new degrees: Audiology and Experimental Biomedicine

The Dean of Medicine, Jose Carretero, explains that the two degrees could be ready “in a year or a year and a half.” Both will be added to the two degrees already taught in the college (medicine and dentistry).

College Medicine wants to expand its academic offer. your dean, Jose CarreteroIn an interview published in the Journal of the College of Physicians of Salamanca, he explains that he wants the college to have “four” grades. “I found the college with two degrees and my idea was to leave it with four degrees”. In addition to those who have previously taught (medicine and dentistry) Now we start designing general audio Based on experimental biomedicine, where it is possible to go hand in hand, in some subjects, with professors from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biology..

The Dean explains that the increase in the display of grades is ‘small personal goal’ It has been fixed and although it is starting to run It raises some problems believes that “We will be able to solve it at home A year or a year and a half.”

Regarding the contents, general audio “It is not in Spain, but it is in other countries”. The brigadier reveals that “Some Catalan universities are behind us to see how we do it, because they know we are taking the design more advanced and they are also interested in implementing it”. experimental biomedicine, however, “Some Spanish centers already offer it”. These studies do not include “Neither a diagnosis nor a cure, but it is a degree intended to train medical researchers.”. Carter refuses to define it as “mini medicine”, that it is compared to biotechnology or can be seen in the design of advanced treatments. Yes it will include Basic training in medicine But its goal is to guide students towards “Research training. In fact, it will be an internship in it laboratoryNot in health centers.

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Audiology and experimental biomedicine “It would be two degrees which would give us a small number of students. It’s not huge degrees, because that would almost be a scam, given the jobs that can be accessed are limited.”

Medicine started Other projects, How do covers promotion And “redistribution” The main building spaces and dental clinic. It also provides exhibition in the hall some “Heritage Treasures Possessed by the College, But Residents Don’t Know About”, among which stand out “An amazing set of microscopes donated by the professor Carascal, who was a professor of histology, or a collection of wax and stucco figurines spanning from 1880 to 1915—some of which would be 150 years old—owned by the Department of Anatomy”. Finally, the Center works alongside the Vice President for International Relations, “in a European Masters in Health Scienceswhich is now being designed.