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Gustavo Núñez guía triunfo de las Estrellas en el primer partido de la Serie Final

FINAL LIDOM – Gustavo Nunez led the Superstars to victory in the first game of the Final Series

The Superstars claimed their first win in the Final Series of the Fall/Winter 2021-2022 baseball tournament by eliminating Gigantes del Cibao 5-4 in 11 innings Monday in a game at Titilo Vargas Stadium in this city.

Game two of the final on Tuesday moves to Julian Javier Stadium in San Francisco at 7 p.m. The star bowler will be Mexican right-back Wilmer Rios.

The victory came after Junior Lake scored the second goal, and Gustavo Nunez, who was in second place, went to steal the ball, but catcher Webster Rivas missed the shot to third, which the runner used to score with the half left. Giants in the field.

The match started at 8:06 p.m. and ended at 12:46 a.m. on Tuesday. This was the Stars’ eighth straight win, which includes all seven in the semifinal series.

The match was won by Roman Mendes (1-0), who presented the 11th game without allowing liberties, while the setback went to Huascar Brazoban (0-1).

For the stars, Andy Otero started on the hill, who worked five innings of three strokes, one run, four walks and five strokes. Replaced by Daniel Duarte (1.0), Pat Rotolo (1.0), Fernando Abad (1.0), Diogenes Almengo (1.0), Gerson Moreno (1.0) and Mendez (1.0)

Raul Valdes opened for the Giants, with a performance of six innings and two-thirds of four strokes, one inning, one transfer, and five cheerleaders. It was relieved by Gerson Bautista (0.1), Jake Sanchez (1.0), Juan Minaya (0.1), Remmen Godwan (1.2) and Brazoban (0.2).

Before the start of the match, a presentation ceremony was held for the two teams participating in this final stage of the tournament dedicated to the memory of General Khalil Hashi Malcom in the Bannerservas Cup option.

The act included the blessing of Reverend Fabio Alberto Silvestre, who was also responsible for throwing the first pitch.

The Giants put a number on the scoreboard in the first half with a fly to the center of the field by Henry Urrutia.

At the bottom of the third inning and twice, the Stars tied in one inning each as a result of a hit from Robinson Kano to the center of the field.

On the seventh, the Greens dominated the match 2-1 with a right-court kick by Christian Betancourt to lead Jeremy Peña from second.

The stars finished their third run on Eloris Monteiro’s carcass flying to the right field.

At the opening of the ninth inning, the Giants turned the score by three games as a result of running Seri at home to left field.

At the conclusion of that episode, the San Pedro de Macori representative tied the score 4-4 with Gustavo Nunez’s song on the left.

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