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FIFA opens a disciplinary case in the Byron Castillo case

FIFA opens a disciplinary case in the Byron Castillo case

FIFA has initiated disciplinary action in relation to Byron Castillo’s possible breach of the invitation criteria for the eight matches he played for the Ecuadorean national team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The international organization called on the Ecuadorian Federation and the Peruvian Football Association to present their positions before the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.

Thus, FIFA is responding to a complaint lodged by the Chilean federation before the Disciplinary Committee, in which it made allegations about the possible falsification of documents granting Ecuadorean citizenship Byron Castillo.

The Ecuadorean team qualified directly for the World Cup, unlike Chile and Peru.

The Peruvian team, which finished fifth behind Ecuador, will play a play-off, while the Chileans have been eliminated.

Castillo participated in the ranks of Ecuadorean coach Gustavo Alvaro in two matches against Paraguay and Chile and one match against Uruguay, Bolivia, Venezuela and Argentina.Key team meetings to achieve one of the World Cup live sessions.

On the fifth of this month, the Chilean federation condemned the existence of “infinite evidence that the player was born in Colombia.”

The irregularities, which accused the Ecuadorean federation of being “fully aware”, said this body.

A possible penalty from FIFA could entail a point deduction from Ecuador for matches played by Castillo, which could change the list of classifieds.

A legal technical report from Ecuador’s National Civil Registry Administration confirms that the registration of Byron Castillo’s birth in the Ecuadorean city of Guayas does not appear on the required volume, page, and certificate, according to an official document obtained by EFE.

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