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Summary of the match between Puebla and America Legila (1-1).  Quarter-final goals 2022

Summary of the match between Puebla and America Legila (1-1). Quarter-final goals 2022

The Good Awakening of America continues in Liguillathis time when you get 1-1 draw with Puebla In a well-balanced game with a few intriguing options in which Fernando Ortiz’s men used a set piece to rock a tough home team that also didn’t have enough ideas for a better result.

The meeting was mostly pure muscles, sweat, largely due to Some eagles who have turned into their greatest strength by the way they defendwhich prevents their opponents from spinning the ball easily based on too much density, although the lack of imagination of the sweet potato growers, who had a hard time getting past the midfield, also had an effect.

Tano Ortiz has given them an amazing command that prevents their opponents from finding space The proof of their success is that the hosts had few chances throughout the 90 minutes, but especially in the first half, when they had no significant business.

The movement was seen only in the fifth minute of the match, thanks to a big pass from Javier Salas down the right wing who sent him to the second post to Maximiliano Araujo, who hit the ball before the awake look of Ochoa, who looked at full speed to avoid the goal.

after that, Larcamón struggled to move beyond midfieldwhile the visitors were getting bigger bit by bit, although there were a few interesting opportunities, one in the 15th minute and the other when the match was dying.

In the first, Alejandro Zendegas sent a good cross from the left wing to Federico Vinas, although Anthony Silva manages to cover it up; The unfortunate thing is that Thunder by Juan Segovia In his quest to ward off danger, so He had to be taken to the hospital for examination.

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The next was already in the 45th minute, this time thanks to a great flow by Jorge Sánchez who gave Zendejas himself a good cross, who sought to the right base with his shot so that Silva could shine again on his release.

Streep sparked the match in the second half

The second half was a little better, this time derived from Camotero scored a goal in the 55th minute In an action that stunned Azulcrema’s defense, Segovia took the opportunity to escape from the left flank to send a low heart Fernando Aristeguieta In two stages, Ochoa stopped him on his first shot.

Since then, those in the house have had about a very good 15 minutes that they wasted; Perplexed the visitors there were good gaps which could be interesting ways, but no one to highlight them in the last action to make their progress.

Help this frequency America woke up and cooled the game againand even to find a file footnote. note who was working a little and thanks to his consistent play in the 79th minute. In it, Diego Valdes, who dried Israel Reyes, put in a good cross throughout the match Sebastian Caceres, who just got up to communicate Before the bad mark of the local image.

The equalizer helped the Eagles so much that the final minutes went in their favor and they felt the tension that made them score a bit more at any moment, something that didn’t last and left the match completely open in the face of the match. Back next Saturday in Azteca.

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