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Felipe Ramos Rizzo supports Chivas’ disallowed goal and Fidalgo’s expulsion

The ESPN specialist noted that the disallowed goal against Ronaldo Cisneros was correct, as well as the expulsion of Fidalgo.

Felipe Ramos Rizzo He upheld two of the most controversial decisions in the second leg of the semi-final match between America and Chivas. The second goal Guadalajara That was ruled out by VAR for not having Victor “El Pocho” Guzmán on Miguel Lane and Alvaro Fidalgo being sent off.

“Fidalgo was sent off well and it was a goal ChivasThe previous referee commented Felipe Ramos Rizzo.

Disallowed target Chivas In the second leg semi-final, it originated from a cross sent by Alan Muzzo, was received by Alexis Vega who finished the match and the rebound fell to striker Ronaldo Cisneros who sent the ball into the net. However, before the recording, there was a showdown between the player Azulcrema and Miguel Layún and the captain ChivasVictor “El Pocho” Guzman. The Rojiblanco put its leg in the way of the capital, an action that the Central Judge decided to overturn the annotation.

On the other hand, the Spaniards were expelled FidalgoBecause of the plate left by Fernando “El Nini” Beltrán. The referee had to go to the video assistant referee to review the play between the player who America Chivas midfielder.

With this, the Eagles America They are left with one less man and Chivas Have the ball to attack the Azulcremas area constantly. Also, technical ChivasHowever, Veljko Paunović took the opportunity to make changes and generate more attack to look for a comeback at Estadio Azteca and advance to the Grand Final.

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The Tigres team from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León is waiting for a challenger who will come out of National Classic between vultures America And Chivas.

El Rebaño needs to win by two goals to be able to advance to the Clausura 2023 Grand Final, with the World Draw, Guadalajara He will be excluded from the class because the Azulcremas center is superior due to goal difference during the regular phase.