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Felipe Ramos Rizzo confirms the low level of refereeing in CONCACAF

Felipe Ramos Rizzo confirms the low level of refereeing in CONCACAF

ESPNJuly 13, 2023, 00:45 a.m. ETReading: two minutes.

ESPN’s refereeing analyst slammed Mario Escobar’s whistler performance during the duel between Mexico and Jamaica by not sending off Leon Bailey.

mexico – Uriel AntonaIn the second half of the duel between Mexico And Jamaicareceived a kick from Leon Baileyfor which they were expected to be punished with a red card, but despite the VAR review, the whistle Mario Escobar The Caribbean footballer was never sent off. A scene criticized by the previous referee Felipe Ramos RizzoArbitration analyst ESPN.

“I think the referees had instructions not to send off, leave Orbelin (Pineda) and now Leon Bailey that hit hard Antona. What a low level of arbitration CONCACAF“, very important Felipe Ramos Rizzoin their social networks.

according to Ramos RizzoAnd Mexico He should have been left with one less player on the field than in the 35th minute, due to stomping from Orbelin Pinedaabout player who Jamaicathat Whistler did not approve of the red cardboard.

Uriel Antona received a kick from Leon Bailey.Getty Images

Orbelin It is saved from a minute red card. 35″, reported Felipe Ramos RizosFormer World Cup Referee.

In the plugin, a file player Astonville and selected from JamaicaAnd Leon Baileykicked Uriel Antona, when the two were on Earth. Refree Mario Escobar He was summoned by him VARbut in the end decided not to punish the act with a red card.

The Mexican players claimed that the referee had not been sent off Leon Baileybecause Uriel Antona He complained on the turf kick the player involved in Premier League.

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Leon Bailey She is one of the characters Jamaican national teambecause he plays in the Premier League, with AstonvilleAnd last season, he scored five goals, in addition to four assists.

attacker Jamaica He sought to lead the Caribbean team to the final, although he could do little against it MexicoWho decided the match with goals from Henry MartinAnd Luis Chavez And Roberto Alvaradoalso.