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Lozano after qualifying for the final – Fox Sports

Lozano after qualifying for the final – Fox Sports

Jaime Lozano led Mexico to last Gold cup As an interim coach and some ask to be appointed as a permanent strategist, but he realizes that he is only hired for the district championship.

I came for the Gold Cup and that’s what I have in mind. We will do everything we can to bring the trophy back home. Maybe if I (Ruben Rodriguez, Fox Sports journalist) were there (at Etihad) I would continue,” he said at a news conference.

“I am most grateful (with the managers). Three months ago, I was unemployed And there was someone in that box who believed in me, and you don’t need everyone to trust you. You just need the decision maker to trust youHe completed.

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Jaime Lozano thanks the players

As he did throughout the Gold Cup, Jaime Lozano gave credit to the footballers and thanked those selected for their dedication.

“I’ve always liked surrounding myself with people who are better than me and they (the players) always buy into that idea. I just have to thank the trust for the way they deliver and follow the game plan.

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Teamwork is more of a decision than a virtue and they have decided they want to be the best team in this cup He said at the conference.

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2026 World Cup process

There must be a process, Jaime Lozano insisted Mexican national team And that only the World Cup does not last, because that prevents Mexico from exploiting its potential.

“Whoever’s here (DT of Mexico), I’d like to see the process, because For sure, after the two World Cups, we will be a stronger team For the player, the idea of ​​the game and the understanding that can be achieved.

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